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One of my New Year’s resolution was to “be a better person”, in so many words. I’m sure I have done some things to live up to that resolution, but still don’t feel like I’m doing enough. I’ve made some small changes in the way I conduct business, such as finally transitioned to all recyclable shipping materials. While not a huge deal, it feels good to have less impact on the Earth! (You all better be recycling those packages, after you recieve them!) I’ve donated my time and photo sessions to some local causes, but again, it’s just not quite enough and I can only take so many photos before my fingers start to feel like they’re going to fall off!

To be honest, running a small business is A LOT of work. I find myself constantly doing something that is work-related, and when I’m not, I’m still trying to maintain some type of social life and get a little relaxation, as well! Maybe I’m not so great at time management but right now I feel like don’t have a ton of free time to do as much as I’d like to; it’s a good thing I love it, so much!

So, this leads me to my newest endeavor: giving back with some cold, hard cash. Starting this month, and every other month hereafter, Dunks Photo and little dunks. photo will be donating 10% of session fees to a different charity. I already have some large charities in mind, but every other month I will look at both local and worldwide causes, that mean something to me. So, being a better member of society just got easier for you, too: all you have to do is book a portrait session during one of the charity months, and you’ll be contributing, too! EASY!

So, October is Dunks Charity Month numero uno and this month’s money will go to a cause that everyone should care about: preserving nature and helping the environment

Ever since I’ve been a little kid, I’ve loved the outdoors; exploring, traveling and just enjoying the fresh air. After I decided a photography college degree was not in the cards (but eventually revisited, later in life!) I graduated with a geography degree, with a focus in environmental planning. I wanted to help make the world a better place, through better development practices. Although it wasn’t the right job for me, my concern and interest in the subject never stopped. While change is inevitable, there is a lot of room for improvement. I couldn’t imagine a world without the ability to enjoy nature, both daily and when traveling, away from home. Nature is my sanctuary, when I need a break from the craziness of modern life (which is pretty often!) 🙂 There are many environmental causes worthy of support, but this month’s charity will be:




To learn more about The Nature Conservancy, visit their website: www.nature.com

I will donate 10% of all session fees to this charity, at the end of the month!
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