I loved shooting this short and sweet session and it was so much fun planning with the Dan, without her knowing a thing! We communicated all the way up until the very end, with updates to me via text as to when they would arrive at this pier, the sight that I set up his sign for him and waiting impatiently. My role, besides proposal photographer, was to play a hobbyist nature photographer who just happened to be out there photographing nature scenes and birds (and luckily, there were actually several birds and pretty scenes to shoot, while I waited!) When I finally did see them making their way down the pier, my heart was beating so fast but I kept my cool. It was awesome watching so much happiness unfold right in front of me! 

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This Cove Point Lighthouse wedding was absolutely gorgeous! After a rainy week (or month) the skies cleared up just in time to allow us to celebrate under the blue skies, with this sweet couple and their best friends and family. I was so excited to get back to this spot to shoot again. Almost exactly two years before Samantha and Paul’s big day, myself, Amanda and the Hitched by Heather team also worked together on a stunning wedding, here. It was so much fun to have a mini-reunion! I absolutely love the look of this place and the lighthouse. Even though you know you are looking out onto the Chesapeake Bay, and you know you are in Southern Maryland, you really feel like you could be somewhere else. It is one of the most unique places I’ve shot in Maryland! Congrats to the newlyweds!

Cove Point LIghthouse Wedding-1Cove Point LIghthouse Wedding-5Cove Point LIghthouse Wedding-4Cove Point LIghthouse Wedding-3Cove Point LIghthouse Wedding-2Cove Point LIghthouse Wedding-6

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Wow, what a gorgeous early spring day we had with Shelly and Bill at their National Mall wedding! These two picked the Jefferson Memorial as their backdrop and even though the cherry blossoms had already come and gone, there were still enough beautiful scenes and even a few flowering trees left, for some photo-ops. Part of the fun for this wedding was the adventure that we had. We all piled into their limo bus in Waldorf and drove into the city together. After their short and sweet ceremony and photos on the lawn of the memorial were finished (and we resolved being stopped by the police for our photo permit!) we headed on to the gorgeous Sequoia restaurant. Their day was one of the first sunny and nice spring weekends, so it was packed with people out enjoying the sunshine, along the Georgetown waterfront. Shelly and Bill along with about twenty of their friends, family and fellow church members dined on their amazing brunch buffet and wedding cake, then they were off to their honeymoon in BORA-BORA! It was a fabulous day with their closest friends and family. Congrats to the newlyweds. <3

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Wow, this day was special in so many ways! First, let’s talk about how on April 9th I started my commute in a snow storm… once I made it through that, we were left with chilly temperatures and some off and on rain but it was warm and beautiful on the inside of Prospect Bay Country Club, the wacky weather did not even matter! My connection to Taylor and Gunther goes back a few years. I have mostly gotten to know them through several of their friends’ weddings – where they were either guests or part of the bridal party. When they themselves became engaged, I was happy to hear that this time around it was going to be their turn in the spotlight!  I saw how easy it was to photograph them, last summer, at their beautiful engagement session on their family farm and at one of their favorite beach spots. I knew this wedding was going to be awesome!

The color scheme they chose perfectly fit the spring season and they really helped to brighten up the reception and lift the mood on an otherwise, dreary day. While we were not able to have the ceremony outside as planned, we were all grateful that the weather improved enough for us to go outdoors for all their portraits and their first look. When approaching a rainy wedding day, instead of being scared of the elements we decided to utilize what we were given to create some unique shots. I really liked the patterns of the trees in the puddles and I’ve always loved reflections in photos. These shots ended up being some of my favorites. Our goal is always to tell the story of the day, and this day was wet, we could not deny it, so why try to hide it? We embraced the rain! We had a great night having fun and dancing the night away, we always enjoy our time with this group! Congrats to the newlyweds. 🙂


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Who gets married on Leap Day, you know, the day that only comes around every fourth year? That’s right, these two! It just made sense, since it was already their eight year dating anniversary and they are excited to also be expanding to a family of three, later this year. Now was the time to finally get hitched! Their anniversary also fell on a Monday, when the Anne Arundel County Courthouse is open, so it was the perfect fit. The weather was warm and beautiful for any time of the year but especially February, I believe a few days later it was cold and snowing but not on their day. And believe it or not, there were other weddings going on, downtown but this one was the best! 🙂 We started off with the bride and her best friends at The Maryland Inn, right in the heart of downtown. After a quick first look at the inn, we headed over for a short and sweet ceremony in the cute courthouse and finished up with portraits and lunch at the amazing Iron Rooster! It was a fun afternoon. Congrats to the newlyweds and to my first wedding of 2016!

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