Slack Wines at Woodlawn Estate Wedding – SOMD Wedding

Back in September of 2016, I had the pleasure of being the second photographer at this beautiful Slack Wines at Woodlawn Estate wedding! I had a short break in my September schedule and the stars aligned to add this to my calendar and it was a fantastic evening! It really is a different experience when you are not the lead shooter, you’re able to see things differently and of course, there is just a little bit less pressure. 🙂 Heading in a different direction than the majority of my weddings, I found myself way down into St. Mary’s County, almost as far south as you can possibly be near Point Lookout. I shoot on the waterfront along both sides of the Chesapeake Bay a lot but this just had a different feel to it. I love when a location is new to my camera, it’s like a blank canvas that I get to work with for the first time… there is always something special about it. This area was such a gorgeous spot to hold an event and the opportunities for great photo spots were endless. Here are some of my shots as the second photographer:

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