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I started thinking about this recently when I asked myself the question: what do I love about this area that I now call home?  In other words, I was trying to find new ways to be positive and look for the good in my new location. I have been living here for almost two years but sometimes I still miss “home”. Even though I chose to move here for the right reasons, and I’m not that far away from where I came, I still struggle with these thoughts off and on. So, instead of dwelling in the past, I decided to appreciate the present. To find the good and appreciate what I have, here and now and to build a connection to this new place.

One of the coolest, and most unique things about Calvert County (and Southern Maryland) are all the barns that stem from it’s rural history. I love the country roads and all the farms or pieces of what are left over, from old farms. I had a lot of that on the Eastern Shore, as well, but there were never this many barns and they’re different. Since a lot of the ones found here are tobacco barns, there are just SO many more, because they needed more of them to dry the tobacco in.  I’m also tying this project in with my background in geography and environmental/land use planning interests. I see the urban sprawl and trees and fields being chopped down, daily, so this landscape is changing rapidly. By taking these photos, I want to be a part of documenting how looks now. I have a feeling it will change quite a bit in my lifetime.

So, with all these things in mind, on July 1st, 2015, I decided to start this year-long endeavor! Here are my rules/goals:

  • photograph a different barn each day from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016.
  • if I am out of town or something prevents me from shooting, I will shoot multiple barns for each day that I am gone, as close to the dates missed as possible.
  • any type of camera goes – iPhone, point and shoot, DSLR etc
  • barns must be located within Calvert County, MD limits


306/366: 5.1.16/11:59am/Owings/Mt. Harmony Rd/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
May Day Barn
No flowers or people dancing around a May pole (or running around college campuses naked) just another dreary, rainy day with this barn and rolling hills.

307/366: 5.2.16/2:20pm/Huntingtown/Matthew Dr./5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Sunshine and Goats BarnLook at that blue sky! I had to get out to shoot in the afternoon because I knew the sun would not last too long. On one side of this scene there were goats saying hi to me, on the other side, a subdivision in between, this beautiful barn! 🙁

308/366: 5.3.16/6:32pm/Dunkirk/Howes Rd/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Thunderstorm Barn
Shooting out of the window in heavy rain, I could see the sun slowly breaking through the clouds to the west and reflecting off the side of this barn. I knew a rainbow was probably soon to follow but it was not where I was and it was not the right time. But I did achieve my barn for the day, so I can’t complain!

309/366: 5.4.16/7:20pm/Huntingtown/Huntingtown Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
No More Rain Red Barn
Shooting out of the window (stopped) in the middle of the road because why not? I didn’t want to park and get out because it was, once again, raining. I’m so over this rain, I need color and the sun! At least I was able to add another color besides grey and green to this scene, with this beautiful and big red barn.

310/366: 5.5.16/5:47pm/Prince Frederick/Solomons Island Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Red Truck Barn
I’ve always liked this one, along with this truck. I believe it’s been sitting in the same spot there ever since I’ve started noticing it. It’s small so it may be a type of storage or shed but fits my project rules and I like it, so it works for me!

311/366: 5.6.16/4:57pm/Huntingtown/Twin Oak Ln/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Holy Cow Barn
Yes, I went there with the caption. How could this scene not make you smile?! I almost did not stop at all but I forced myself to. I already knew of this barn and I knew it would be an easy stop on my way home but I did not know what was waiting for me… baby cows and their momma and three geese, in the back, peeking their heads out of all these cheerful buttercups. It was an instant mood-lifter on another dreary, rainy day. Cheer up, with these buttercups – totally works!

312/366: 5.7.16/1:13pm/Lusby/H G Trueman Rd/iPhone
Hidden Gem Barn
Not my intended target when I stopped at Southern Middle for a quick snap but I loved this hidden gem by the road much more!

313/366: 5.8.16/6:47pm/Huntingtown/Emmanuel Church Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Mother’s Day Barn

314/366: 5.9.16/6:20pm/Owings/Chesapeake Beach Rd Church Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Lush Green Barn
Without ALL this rain, how could we have such lush green? 🙂

315/366: 5.10.16/1:38pm/Owings/Appaloosa Way/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Appaloosa Way Barn
The Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. Today, I did not find a spotted horse on Appaloosa Way but I did locate this one along with two barns – this one and a red one right across the street. This scene was my favorite and believe it or not the sun briefly made an appearance in the few minutes that I spent here.

316/366: 5.11.16/2:31pm/Huntingtown/Armiger Rd/5D/24-70mm 2.8L
Fallen Red Barn
Really, every day is looking the same in this rainy stretch of weather we have been having but I promise each day I’m out shooting! I’ve seen a lot of change to some barns, lately. Some have shifted while others have collapsed, or at least partially so. It makes me sad.


317/366: 5.12.16/12:30pm/Huntingtown/Smoky Rd/5D/24-70mm 2.8L
Pair of Barns
Another cloudy day makes you realize how color really does affect your mood. Whenever I see fields of buttercups, I am grateful for all the yellow and my mood is instantly lifted! This is one of my favorite barn roads, I’m surprised I haven’t featured this pair yet.

318/366: 5.13.16/5:57pm/Huntingtown/Old Plum Point Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
May Colors Barn
Oh dear, there is actually color, sun and blue skies in today’s shot!! Makes such a difference!

319/366: 5.14.16/11:20am/Prince Frederick/Hallowing Point Park/iPhone
Playground Barn
One of three, right next to the playground at the park.

320/366: 5.15.16/7:09pm/Port Republic/Yoes Corner Ln/5D Mark III/16-35mm 2.8L II
Tree and Red Barn
So many barns that I passed to get here but when I did, instead of shooting it into the sky and clouds like I thought I would, I ended up liking this up close view with this big tree more.

321/366: 5.16.16/7:52pm/Dunkirk/Brickhouse Rd/5D Mark III/16-35mm 2.8L II
Sunset Old Barn
I had a great day and it even ended with a sunset barn shot! Sunsets, I missed you!!!

322/366: 5.17.16/5:40pm/Huntingtown/Calverton School/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Please Stop Raining Barn
Really, it just needs to stop! But wow, look at all that green already and it’s only May, this one looks like it’ll be mostly covered by the end of summer. Same with the one next to it!

323/366: 5.18.16/11:59am/Prince Frederick/Leitches Wharf Rd/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Spring Crops Barn
Caught this one before it’s completely taken over by weeds, along with some crops – what are they? (I’m not a farmer, I just like barns!)

324/366: 5.19.16/3:13pm/Prince Frederick/Calvert County Historical Society/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Historical Society Barn
I love this old one at the Calvert County Historical Society, lots of character on all sides!

325/366: 5.20.16/1:53pm/Prince Frederick/Sixes Rd/5D Mark III/50mm 1.4
Red Barn in a Field
Beautiful day on a beautiful “barn road” as to like to call the ones with lots of good barns!

326/366: 5.21.16/12:52pm/Owings/Skinners Turn Rd/5D Mark III/85mm 1.2L II
Vineyard Red Barn
I waited for a long time to come back to this one, its so easy to access on my normal commute but I didn’t want everything to be dead. I caught it just when the vineyard is starting to come back to life! Love this color on a rainy day…

327/366: 5.22.16/4:24pm/Prince Frederick/German Chapel Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Bird and Tobacco Barn in the Rain
Look, another red barn in the rain!!!! Different day and yet it looks just like the others…

328/366: 5.23.16/10:35am/Owings/John C Ward Rd/iPhone
Blue Sky Barn
Caught a fleeting moment of blue skies behind this one!

329/366: 5.24.16/6:40pm/Owings/Boyds Turn Rd Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Boyds Turn Barn
The hills of Calvert County can prove to be advantageous for shooting angles, the best shot I could get if this barn was from high on a hill at Windy Hill Middle, through the trees.

330/366: 5.25.16/7:19pm/Owings/Skinners Turn Rd Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Skinners Turn Barn
As the days of my project are numbered, I find myself in the position of wanting to not just shoot because a barn is convenient but also because it’s a good one and I like it. I get a bit of anxiety trying to locate “worthy” barns, sometimes. Tonight, I accomplished both easily, I’ve always liked the character of this scene!

331/366: 5.26.16/7:50am/Owings/Stevens Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Stevens Road Barn
Acting off a tip about a few other barns, I turned down this country road and was happy to find this cute one on a hill, through the trees, all the way at the end. I took a vote and this shot was the crowd favorite and I agreed, it highlights and frames the barn the best out of all the shots….the barn is the star.

332/366: 5.27.16/7:28pm/Prince Frederick/Mallard Point Rd/5D Mark III/70-200mm 2.8L
Big Summer Barn
I had a close call on shooting the same barn twice, tonight! Not the first time that has happened but luckily I usually shoot a few, if they’re close by. I’ve shot so many on this road, I wasn’t quite sure which I’ve actually included. Part of this one was in another scene but was not the focus, like it is today! Today it is the star! I discovered this road in the early winter and it’s amazing to see how fast everything changes.

333/366: 5.28.16/11:24am/Huntingtown/Cox Rd/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Wooded Tobacco Barn
So close to bring covered by green, I believe it may be by the end of summer!

334/366: 5.29.16/4:19pm/Owings/Briscoes Turn Rd/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Stormy Barn in a Field
We shot four barns on this road but this was unexpectedly my favorite, with the stormy skies behind it and the lines of the rolling hills making zig-zags through the frame.

335/366: 5.30.16/9:41am/Owings/Stevens Rd/5D Mark III/24-70mm 2.8L
Memorial Day Barn
Paying thanks to all that have served and died to protect this country and allow all the freedoms, that we may take for granted.

336/366: 5.31.16/7:37pm/Saint Leonard/Parran Rd/5D Mark III/16-35mm 2.8L II
Cumulonimbus Clouds Barns
So grateful for a beautiful end to this day, the clouds and sunset were amazing tonight…just had to line them up with a barn or two! success!

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