Prospect Bay Country Club Wedding: Taylor + Gunther

Wow, this day was special in so many ways! First, let’s talk about how on April 9th I started my commute in a snow storm… once I made it through that, we were left with chilly temperatures and some off and on rain but it was warm and beautiful on the inside of Prospect Bay Country Club, the wacky weather did not even matter! My connection to Taylor and Gunther goes back a few years. I have mostly gotten to know them through several of their friends’ weddings – where they were either guests or part of the bridal party. When they themselves became engaged, I was happy to hear that this time around it was going to be their turn in the spotlight!  I saw how easy it was to photograph them, last summer, at their beautiful engagement session on their family farm and at one of their favorite beach spots. I knew this wedding was going to be awesome!

The color scheme they chose perfectly fit the spring season and they really helped to brighten up the reception and lift the mood on an otherwise, dreary day. While we were not able to have the ceremony outside as planned, we were all grateful that the weather improved enough for us to go outdoors for all their portraits and their first look. When approaching a rainy wedding day, instead of being scared of the elements we decided to utilize what we were given to create some unique shots. I really liked the patterns of the trees in the puddles and I’ve always loved reflections in photos. These shots ended up being some of my favorites. Our goal is always to tell the story of the day, and this day was wet, we could not deny it, so why try to hide it? We embraced the rain! We had a great night having fun and dancing the night away, we always enjoy our time with this group! Congrats to the newlyweds. 🙂


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