Personal Post: Summer Photo Shoot with my Doggies! Calvert County Photographer

Everyone knows how much I love my doggies! Banjo is the newest addition to our family and at this point in time he’s already a little over six months old. I can’t believe how fast he has grown. I think this age is adorable, he’s definitely still a puppy but living in an almost adult-size body. Meanwhile, my first furry child, Maxwell, is 8 1/2 years old. He is the complete opposite of Banjo – extremely calm and always very good. He sleeps a lot, usually does not pee on the floor and definitely does not chew on everything in sight 🙂 I was worried that adding Banjo to Max’s life, at his older age, would be a problem but it is not, Maxwell enjoys the company and it has brought him back to life, a bit. He used to spend most of his days sleeping which I’m sure is nice but probably pretty boring, overall. Our days of long runs are sorta over, he just can’t keep up with me like he used to but that’s okay. I love his grey face and the way he acts, these days.

I came up with this idea to go out for a quick shoot of just us, at one of my favorite local spots to celebrate where they both are in their lives – one is just beginning and another is winding down. I’ve been eyeing this location up for awhile now but I’ve never been able to setup a session here, so instead of waiting, I did my own! It was a chaotic but fun evening ~ love my babies. Photo credit goes out to my husband, who I conned into doing this shoot, I think he did a great job 😉

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